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Research methods chapter is perhaps the most crucial in the entire PhD dissertation as it decides the route that the dissertation will take in the data analysis and results chapter. Due to its critical nature, scholars often face a problem while writing it, and seek professional help. We, at Chanakya Research, provide dedicated dissertation methodology consultation services for PhD dissertation methodology help. The service is aimed at research scholars pursuing a doctorate from the universities of USA and Canada.


The high quality services are recommended by many university professors, and trusted by hundreds of students as the team that provides assistance for research methodology is proficient and experienced. So all aspects of research methodology chapter are covered with accuracy and the presentation is also crystal clear. The design is essential for research since in the absence of a proper research design, the dissertation work can go haywire. Academic writers and statisticians combine forces to prepare a research design that is strong, as well as flexible. Keeping the research design changeable is necessary, since the conditions of research, as well as variables to considered, can alter over time. The help for preparing the research design involves taking decisions on the following aspects:

  • Research Questions
  • Data Required for Research
  • Sources for Collecting Data
  • Data Collection Methods
  • Statistical Tools for Data Analysis

Chanakya Research trails the age old tradition of crafting a relationship between the teacher and the taught. The guide who takes up the research project of a scholar acts as a mentor and takes full responsibility of making the scholar learn the various aspects of the subject they intend to specialize in. The service for dissertation methodology help can be taken for a wide range of subjects, ranging from humanities to medical research.

The mentoring pedagogy that is followed at Chanakya research is based upon the blended learning technique, which enables the scholar to consistently participate in the research process. At the commencement of this process, the student provides inputs and specifies his needs to the guides. The mentor notes the needs regarding the topic selection, research issue and questions, formatting standards followed by the university, the word length and the deadline. He allocates a writer and an editor, who is closest to the domain of research and have expertise in the field.

Consultancy for research methodology provided by our experts will help identify the need for certain data. They will also identify the sample group or participants involved in gathering data. Assistance is provided for deciding whether the researcher must conduct a survey or do interviews, or adopt a mix of methods to get all the desired information. Since the guides have been working with research scholars since many years, they will be able to suggest the most practical and time saving method.

Data analysis tools are also specified in the chapter, with help from mentors. The statisticians run some tests to judge which method will be most effective and yield accurate results. Programs like SPSS, SAS, Strata and E Views might be suggested by the experts to be included in the research methodology. If a student has some problem in applying the tests, he must take professional statistics help for data analysis. They will guide you with the technical aspects of research, suggest the most relevant reference material and help you with the writing task. Statistical problems are taken up by experienced PhD statisticians, who solve each query with patience and expertise.

Having a mentor at the master’s or PhD level proves to be a boon as there are a lot of things to be handled and the mentor can relieve you of the stress of writing and presenting a thesis/ dissertation. So, post a request for a mentor at query@chanakya-research.com.

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