Complete PhD Dissertation Assistance

The package for full PhD Dissertation help is one of the most sought after services from Chanakya Research. The package offers complete PhD dissertation assistance to a scholar, starting with the topic selection to the final stage of checking the document. The advantage that the scholars get by opting for this package is that they get a help with PhD dissertation which is of a high standard, and accurate style is maintained throughout the document.

The length for a dissertation to be prepared under this service is a maximum of 12000 words, and the charges are $780. Scholars need to have a proposal or a draft dissertation which is approved by the review committee at the university. Since the service is comprehensive, the project managers assign a dedicated team of writer, statistician and editor for the entire project. The team takes up the project and comprehends the requirements of the client. This is followed by the preparation of a detailed approach for timely completion of dissertation work.


The application of dissertation help starts with recommending reliable and relevant references for the research work. Academic references are searched by the mentors, and the rationale for selecting them is also clearly specified. After completion of the literature review, the research design is prepared. The requirement for data, sources and techniques for data collection, as well as data analysis methods are identified. The data collection task is also undertaken by the team. For this, the guides prepare the interview questions or questionnaire for sample survey and identify the target group. The data is then collected, organized and arranged. All this is done while keeping the scholar in loop.

The approach for data analysis is decided as per the requirement of the research objective. For a quantitative research, the research methodology chapter assumes high importance and is prepared with the use of programs like SPSS and Eviews. In case of a qualitative project, the PhD statisticians use Nvivo, a highly complicated tool for data analysis. The results are also inferred and presented in an easy-to-understand manner. The assistance offered for results and discussions chapter, as well as conclusion writing, are a part of the package.

Apart from completing all the chapters of dissertation, the service also provides feedback incorporation. The suggestions given by the college supervisors and instructors are integrated in the dissertation after the client gives his feedback on the work delivered to him. The expert team also presents a plagiarism report, which is a proof of the authenticity of the matter given in the dissertation. Taking an all-inclusive package gives the client cost as well as quality oriented advantage. Get in touch with our service managers to get an all-inclusive, customized package and complete PhD dissertation assistance.

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