Dissertation Data Analysis Help For PhD Students

Data analysis, being the most critical stage of a research, often poses a threat to the researchers since this step involves the task of “making sense” of the separate pieces of accumulated data. All the data, which you have collected, is termed as the “raw” data before it is evaluated to produce meaningful reports. Data Analysis is, thus, a systematic method to transform the collected raw data to a condensed form making it logically descriptive. It is an integral part of your dissertation since it enables you to present your research findings in such a way that they form the answer to your research questions. The important point, to be considered here, is that the technique adopted for data analysis should be appropriate for your research.

Data can, broadly, be analysed in two ways- Quantitative and Qualitative method. The former technique of data analysis includes interpretation of data such that it can be organised to provide quantifiable results. This is the stage where researchers tend to panic since the quantitative data analysis involves the use of statistical tools like, mean averages, correlations, finding deviations, trend analysis, multiple regression analysis, ANOVA, factor analysis and many more. They find it difficult to select the type of analysis, suitable to their collected data, and to interpret it on their own. And thus, need professional help with data analysis.


Researchers facing above difficulties can approach Chanakya Research, which has a track record of helping research scholars with both quantitative and qualitative data analysis. Our team comprises of expert statisticians and doctoral degree holders, who have worked on a wide array of research topics. They can provide full-fledged dissertation data analysis help for PhD students with the use of statistical tools and interpretation of results. Candidates also get assistance in the formulation of hypothesis and in applying various appropriate tests as per the data characteristics. The professionals are also versed with the statistical software’s, like SPSS, STATA, Eviews and AMOS.

Our consultants can also assist in qualitative data analysis, which is more of intuitive and objective analysis than the quantitative technique. Unlike quantitative, this technique is not based on the straightforward approach, rather, it blends empirical evidence and abstract concepts in the form of words to explain or illustrate a theory or interpretation. Our team of consultants and mentors have undergone training for Nvivo and thematic content analysis basis which they are capable of assisting you with your qualitative analysis.

At Chanakya Research, you get a guarantee for genuine guidance for your doctoral research. Our writing team does the drafting part. Feedback or suggestions on our work are welcome and undertaken free of cost for 30 days from the order delivery date. Should you have more questions about our service or wish to get a quote, write in to us at query@chanakya-research.com.

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