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Drafting a research proposal is the part where students seem to encounter the most difficulty. It is a difficult activity, but a crucial one in order to achieve the objective of timely completion of the research. Writing a Proposal is the initial step of a dissertation, which prepares you for conducting and writing your masters dissertation as it identifies a focus for your research. It provides the rationale for planning the study along with the design for conducting it. It is an important document as approval of the proposal by your reviewing committee would initiate further steps in your research.

Chanakya Research can help to ease you out of the stress of preparing a dissertation proposal. It comprises of a dedicated team of experts, which offer high quality MBA dissertation proposal writing services to students pursuing their Masters. These experts possess years of experience in research writing with vast knowledge about various domains of study. They can guide you in drafting the chapters of the proposal along with providing regular feedback for the same.


The dissertation proposal writers in India, associated with us, can also help you in deciding the type of proposal writing model you should follow, for example, a Preliminary (two-page) proposal model or a Standard (longer) proposal model. The former model provides a brief proposal capable of generating interest in the reviewing authority. Herein, only a few

paragraphs are prepared that state the purpose of the research, the research question and the area that the research focuses on. In addition to this, a brief description of the type of research methodology, to be used, is also stated. The latter, on the other hand, is written in a detailed format, describing the research question, research objective, literature review, methodology to be followed for data collection, data analysis techniques to be adopted, expected results, budget, and bibliography. It also comprises of a title page with a working title and an abstract of the dissertation.

The experts at Chanakya Research also provide you useful tips to generate your research proposal with ease. Few of such expert tips are given below:

  • A research proposal process is iterative so, multiple drafts of a proposal should be made. Multiple drafts also highlight the important issues to be included in the research proposal.
  • The more research you do, the more precise proposal can be generated.
  • Follow a recursive process, whereby, you go from one part of the proposal to another and return to the previous part again.
  • In the process of moving from one chapter to another, refine your ideas while revising the earlier sections to generate a consistent proposal.
  • This continues till the proposal is a clear and crisp definition of the research project.

The dissertation proposal generally has a prescribed format, including several chapters through which, they tend to provide a probable and possible direction towards the successful completion of the research. And getting guidance from experienced dissertation proposal writers in India makes this proposal writing process an easy one. Drop an email at with all your queries and our experts will get in touch with you as early as possible.

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