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Features of Journal Manuscript Writing Services in India

  • Guidelines Specified Writing

    We prepare the journal manuscript as per your target journal publication and style of format required. With a captivating abstract, formal introduction, appropriate research methodology, accurate data analysis and concise conclusions, your manuscript written by our editors will be worth publishing in reputed journals.

  • Our Writers

    We at Chanakya Research, have a team of writers having knowledge and expertise on standardised writing that is essential to fulfill the requirements of journal publications. Apart from requisite skills and knowledge, they showcase the quality of our manuscript writing services through their contribution and experience in writing for reputed journals.

  • Turnaround Time

    We recommend you to limit the requirement of writing to 5000 words per day. Our team take on urgent works too. If you have a requirement of writing 20000 words of manuscript writing, we take four working days for the same.

  • Free Revisions

    Offering free revisions if you are not satisfied with our writing or when your research paper is not accepted, is our unique service. For free revisions, contact our consultants within 30 days of timespan.

Frequently Asked Questions for Journal Manuscript Writing Services in India

  • Which journal standard do you follow while writing manuscript?
    Ans:We provide manuscript writing services as per your target journal publication, be it IEEE, Springer or any Scopus indexed journals. Our writers strive to standardise your journal as per the publication guidelines.

  • Can I submit the necessary documents online? Will you save it in your database?
    Ans:Yes, you can send your references or any document that is required to write your manuscript. You can contact our consultants on collecting the contact details from our site. Once the document is submitted, it is safely stored our database and we assure that any information we receive won’t be disclosed to any third party. At the same time we need to be ensured that any document from us must not be disclosed to any third party

  • Should I give you feedback after receiving the first draft?
    Writing is an iterative process. Once we deliver the first draft of your manuscript, we expect you to comment/suggest us within 30 days of delivery. Our writers will work with you to make necessary changes to improve the quality of your manuscript.

  • Do I have to pay for revisions after 30 days?
    Ans: For a period of 30 days we provide free revisions on your journal manuscript writing. Be it standardisation or concept addition, we make it a point that free revisions are provided to you within the given tenure. However, additional costs are included if you want revisions after 30 days of receiving manuscript.

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