Sampling distribution

In sampling analysis, the researcher is often concerned with sampling distribution. If a few numbers of samples are taken and for all samples of different statistical measures are computed like mean, standard deviation, we observe that each sample gives its own value for the statistic under consideration. These values of a specific statistic like mean, […]

Measurement scales

Nominal scale It is a system of assigning number symbols to in order to label the events. For example when there is assignment o numbers to basket ballplayers for the purpose of their identification. The track of people, objects and events could be conveniently kept with the help of nominal scale there is nothing much […]

Ethical principles in business research

There are few basic principles around which the research work would depend: Harm to participants: harm could imply: physical, harm to self-esteem, harm to career etc. The AOM Code of Ethical Conduct states that it is the responsibility on part of the researcher to have proper assessment of any possibility of harm on the participants. […]

Preparing for your research

The researcher should not begin data collection until the research questions have been identified clearly and literature review has been conducted. The data collection methods with these research questions should be decided at the forefront of researcher’s thoughts. The researcher also needs to think about access and sampling issues. If the research requires the researcher […]

Reviewing the existing literature

The most common reason to review the existing literature is quite obvious to know what work has already been done on the same subject and topic. Literature review is a place where the researcher demonstrates that he is able to engage in scholarly review based on the researcher’s reading and understanding of the work that […]

Social desirability bias

Respondents generally answers questions based on their perception of social desirability of those answers. The answer that seems to be most desirable is endorsed the most. Therefore, questions should be framed in a way to enable the respondents to distance themselves from their responses. The respondents can imagine what their other peers would answer rather […]

The politics of business research

Rarely business and management students discuss in the open about the tacit rules that govern the conduct of their research but it surely is important to understand how this process works to involve with it. The management researchers’ common outlet is to get their findings published in reputed academic journals. These are reviewed anonymously by […]

Planning your poster presentation

The summary of research along with the most relevant evidence is laid out on a poster. The other presenters are also present in a large room or in a hallway. From poster to poster people move around to ask questions to the presenters. The combination of speaking and writing are both found in a poster. […]