Is a PhD for Everyone? Know for Yourself!

Even though it may be called a mere professional qualification, a PhD is not meant for everyone. Academic brightness or excellence in academic grades is not the only pre requisite for a good PhD student. It requires much more than that from a scholar. It requires an independent, self-driven, persistent, flexible , bright, focussed , […]

“R” Are We Aware?

An inseparable part of a researcher’s life is data analysis.  We as researchers often feel as if we eat, sleep and live data.  Have you ever faced a gap between the way you organised data and the way it was expected by the software? I am sure you did!!  And that is nothing less than […]

Dissertation Conclusion Writing

Conclusion can change the meaning of your dissertation. It is the last chapter and final stage in a dissertation paper. Dissertation conclusion is; where you have to point out the key aspects of your study, recommendations, but you have to be very careful about the limitations of the study along with the consequence of your […]

Want to earn your degree? Be organized

The importance of staying organized cannot be over emphasized for research scholars. As long as you have all your material at the right place, you can hope to finish the project in time. There are a number of elements that need to be handled simultaneously when you are working on a dissertation. If you don’t […]

The need for a Hypothesis in Research

Hypothesis is a proposition or a set of propositions which the researcher wants to test, if upon applying the hypothesis test the proposition is proved false, its alternative statement is accepted.  Alternative statement is not necessarily the reverse statement but a set of all other possibilities. Hypothesis formulation is not required in all types of […]