Has Your PhD Become Your Addiction?

The process of learning is full of distractions, always. So can we say that the process lacks efficiency? This is truer when we talk of PhD students because the PhD journey is full of distractions. There came a stage in my PhD when I felt the work was not moving forward. Assuming that I had […]

What Should Be There in a Thesis Abstract?

Thesis abstracts are standalone texts and are useful all thesis readers and not just examiners. Often when researchers and scholars are looking for worthy content for their Literature Review, they conclude upon reading the abstract whether the entire thesis is worth a read or no. Understanding this, we know that an abstract is a reflection […]

Are You an International PhD Student? Here Are Some Lifesaving Suggestions You Need Not Ignore!!

I have great respect and admiration for international PhD students, more for those who are attempting to do their thesis in another language. Though I myself have not experienced to be an international student but with my discussions in various forums and discussions with friend and acquaintances, I have a compilation of some very pragmatic […]

How You Submit Your Work Is Equally Important

Be picky about your journal:  What is the way to actually choose the right journal for your paper. Well, the most important thing is that, you need to be able recognize somebody on the editorial board.  To add to it, check into the recent articles in the paper to ensure that the topic, quality and […]

Need Statistical Help?

There is a domination of quantitative researchers when one talks of social sciences. Most of the doctoral students are often pushed beyond their capabilities to do quantitative research in their dissertation. The grim part of the scenario is that statistical analysis very challenging for many of the students who go into social sciences and more […]

The Pillars of a Thesis

Any PhD has in it three trinities. The first trinity talks about the famous three “ologies”. The second trinity, which I will be talking about in today’s post is the relationship between: Literature Review Method Empirical work These three tasks, if I may say, may appear to be very distinct to you and you may […]

Choose Your Dissertation Topic Wisely

One of the most important choices that you would be making while doing your PhD is selecting a topic since it would determine the first piece of research that you would be carrying out.  Would you select a topic based on what you hold a passion for or would you go with the topic that […]