Doctoral Students deserve a holiday too!!

When you are on the journey of being a doctoral scholar, your perspective towards holiday’s changes all together and you start looking at them little differently as compare to your perspective when you were undergraduate. As a doctoral students, here are few things you must know about holidays. Holidays for you should be purely disassociated […]

Human proofreading vs. proofreading by machine

The life of a researcher is as busy as a bee. Between the process of designing and performing studies, applying for funding, attending conferences m writing manuscripts and multiple other commitments, there is hardly anytime that is left for a   task called proofreading. Though it is a very important part, it often goes neglected. One […]

Some Important Requisites of Academic Writing

English academic writing is linear in nature. By linear we mean it has one central point around which the entire conversation revolves and contributes to the main argument.  The core objective of academic writing is to inform and not entertain, unlike fiction. If we need to learn the nuances of academic writing one needs to […]