A brief story of how Waheed accepted multiple rejections for his PhD research in “Project Management”

The ego of a seasoned academician was shattered. Very recently, my Ph.D. dissertation on “Project Management” got rejected for the third time. It just feels like all the time, efforts and resources have gone down the drain. Doctoral studies have high stakes and it is difficult to see all your effort go waste. For me, […]

The importance of journals with an Impact Factor

It is important to access the scientific credibility of a research paper, and the journal impact factor is an important criteria. But we may find diverse, and contrast opinions on this from senior academicians, and researchers who insist that it is nothing other than a measure of the prestige of the journal. It surely is […]

Qualitative research and its advantages

Comprehending humans has been a challenge ever since. That is the reason that research in Social Sciences positions   challenges that are altogether different and unique as compared to natural sciences. In natural sciences it is possible to replicate the results by repeated experiments and get conclusive with results but in social sciences, it is all […]