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The purpose of research is to inform action. The study should aspire to document its outcomes within the broader perspective of research. Research should be of premium quality, so that it produces knowledge that can be applied beyond the boundaries of the research setting and opens up new vistas beyond the contextual limitations

Chanakya Research(CR), a division of M/s ELK Education Consultants Pvt. Ltd. is a specialized wing of the ELK group with business interests in genuine research support services. With a perspective to visualize itself as a leading research support organization across the world, it offers a plethora of services across all academic levels. Subject matter experts, content writers, content editors, statisticians, scientists and computer operators comprise the expert team at CR. Timely and efficient service is the hallmark of our productive sales and support team. The authentic PhD thesis writing help and expert consulting plans, offered at competitive prices makes it easy for maximum number of research candidates to choose us as team-mates.

The distinct services offered are: APA 6ed compliant Dissertation or Proposal Writing for PhD academic level, Essay Writing, UK MBA Dissertation Help and PhD Thesis Writing Help. Our other expert services include consultation on quantitative analysis using SPSS, E Views or Stata or qualitative analysis involving the use of Nvivo. Our working pedagogy offers a structured pattern of step by step services, making the comprehension convenient and simplified for the client.

CR is committed towards ensuring that the research is based on thorough analysis of existing literature and the manuscript is ready for publication complying with APA/Harvard or MLA format as per the specifications of the project. This makes us the most sought after service providers across the globe.

We seek perfection in work, even if it involves revision of the thesis or dissertation, as desired by the client. We focus on conforming to the norms, structure and allied criteria put forward by the respective universities. Plagiarism free work is the strongest pillar of our endeavor. We ensure that all our writings offer quality insights, use the latest references from authority journals and are delivered on time.

CR also provides bundled packages for UK M.Sc. Dissertations, UK MBA Dissertation Help, Proposal Writing & Course works, PhD Thesis Writing Help, Thesis Synopsis Consulting, Statistical Help using SPSS, Dissertation Editing & Proofreading, APA 6ed Editing and Research Papers Writing.

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    My research question is effectiveness of home based exercise in osteoarthritis of knee. 6000 words. How mch you charge for it ?? Can u send it to me patch by patch so I can show it to my supervisor??deadlines are 31 jan.

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